Survey of Privacy of User Identity in 5G: Challenges and Proposed Solutions

Mamoon M. Saeed, Rashid A. Saeed, Elsadig Saeid


This paper aims to shed light on survey about privacy of user identity in Fifth Generation (5G) networks and discuss various privacy issues of Fourth Generation (4G) with respect to 5G which use International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI) in clear text or join the temporary identities: Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identifier and Cell-Radio Network Temporary Identifier (TMSI & C-RNTI) with IMSI to disclose the privacy of user identity, after that the paper studies the proposed solutions to enhance the privacy of user identity and concludes that each of these studies have advantages and disadvantages for its proposed solutions. The fifth generation of mobile technology i.e. 5G is seen as a futuristic notion that would help in solving the issues that are pertaining in the previous generations. In fact, the key concern to many scholars in the field of mobile networking is user privacy, which is long-term subscription identifier as IMSI and short-term subscription identifier as TMSI and C-RNTI which use for permanent identifying, paging and location update.


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