A Comparative Study of Using Databases Technologies in Yemeni Organizations

Mohammed N. AL-khawlani


Information Technology (IT) is having the kind of revolutionary, restructuring impact that makes major changes in the way of life and work. Database (DB) is the most important technology for any organization to provide and manage the information and knowledge. However, using databases technologies in the Yemeni organizations still a little compared to the most of organizations in the world.
This paper compares the usage of DBs technologies in the Yemeni organizations to evaluate and compare among these technologies. Further, this paper presents several reasons for none using one or more using DBs technologies in some of organizations. DBs technologies in this paper are Databases Management Systems(DBMS), Data Warehouses, Data Mining, and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP). Data for this study are randomly collected from different organization's sectors based on organization type and type of business. This study was conducted by several steps: determining the DB technologies, proposing factors non using DB technologies, designing the questionnaire, distributing the forms of questionnaire on 115 big governmental and private companies and organizations , collecting the data based on 105 responses , and analyzing the data using SPSS application.
The results of this study show that the ERP technology has the lowest percentage (28%) of use. Further, more than 50% of organizations do not know ERP. In addition, 49.04%, 61.38% for Data Mining and Data warehouse respectively. In contrast, DBMs is used by most of organizations (95.24%).


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