Extending and Enhancing Data Storage System Based on Blade Server in Telecommunication Company

Nashwan Al-Thobhani, Naser Ahmed O. Al-Maweri, Jamil Sultan


Mobile telecommunications companies are among the companies that must
provide rapid and secure access to information to the end user and link usersto each other or to the outside world, such as the Internet and its services or
international telephone communications, so access to information must be
fast, secure and available at all time. In order to raise the level of
performance and capacity in the company's services level, researchers
examined and verified the company's data storage center and interviewed 50
employees related to data storage and processing services. After analyzing
the interviews, questionnaires, examining the equipment in the data center
and processing it, we found that there is a problem in the company, which is
the weakness of the data storage capacity and their use of servers with old
processors with less capacity than the company needs. So we implemented a
four-part integrated plan to expand and harden the data storage system using
blade server; Each stage contains many sub-procedures and we found results
that achieve the objectives of the study. Finally, the researchers suggest
several recommendations to develop and improve the company's services in
the future.

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