Improvement of Business Process by Bitrix24 Communications

malek N. Algabri, Mossa Ghurab, Saeed A.M. AL Dobai, Al-Marhabi Zaid Ali


Nowadays, the business process is changing rapidly. Bitrix24 of business
process model also become consideration because of it supports socialcollaboration, communication and management tools and rule in
sustainability. It is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your
customers, which includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing
sales and marketing campaigns. This research shows two main factors: firstly:
avoids some of the common hurdles of outsourcing process development six
key framework areas of focus as (striking a balance with cost containment,
setting realistic timelines, variability in process and platform development,
choosing the right partner, communication, planning technical transfer), our
principle is to benefit the client’s business through the intelligent use of web
technologies. Secondly: illustrate details what communication means in
business, the steps required for effective communication, the importance of
communications in diverse work groups, and a four-step process for effective

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