Development of Wireless Sensor Node for Sportsmen

Galal Khaled Mohammed Al-Dhamari


 In last years, the vital data of sportsmen at the time of exercise and game have been used to plan efficient exercise and elude injuries and diseases, where a vital sensor node is frequently installed at the chest position of an sportsman. One of the major problems is that a tri-axis accelerometer sensor should be installed at a different position such as rear waist for exact energy expenditure (EE) evaluation whereas an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor should be separately installed at a chest position for exact heart rate (HR) evaluation.

In this paper, afresh Development a wireless waist-mounted vital sensor node for both EE and HR evaluation. First of all, to select a microcontroller applicable for the data processing in the vital sensor node, we computationally compared three microcontrollers in requirements of energy consumption necessary for the vital data processing. The matching showed that LPC1768 is the most power- saving candidate, so then designed and realized prototype vital sensor node utilization LPC1768.

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