Khalid Al-Maswary A. Al-Maswary


The Research title is “ The Impact of the Internet on Family Values at “ Shahid Beheshti “ University in the academic year 2010-2011. this research tries to study the impact of Internet on family values to show if there is a relationship between students use of Internet with family values. Based on this, the aim of the present research is the study of the impact of Internet on family values.Family values are a set of ethical viewpoints pertaining to family matters that have the potential to have divisive effects for the private and public spheres. Traditional family values are usually passed on from one generation to the next, giving children the structure and boundaries in which to function and thrive.The Research is focused to analysis the research topic. The research method, Survey and data collection tool is questionnaire. Samples studied 384 from university students that stratified sampling proportional to size and finally using Randomly selected.The results of this research pattern of inverse relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variable .In other words, inverse and significant relationship between the independent variables include student access to the Internet, Most students use the Internet, their dependence on the Internet, the Internet interactive media, space and intimacy Emotional relationships, engaging students in discussion and debate team, accepted them on the interactive website, feeling of being anonymous on the Internet, the family informed about their children's use of media with family values.


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