Measure Security Requirement Specification for Critical System Using Fuzzy Logic

Muneer A.S. Hazaa, Y. A. Gassem1, M. Th. Alzidani, S. A. Alansi, A. Albadani



Security is one of the important dependable system dimensions, as it plays a primary role in a critical system that must be dependable and provides acceptable degrees of security, safety and integrity. To achieve success in this type of system development, and to avoid loss and failure of the system that we want to develop, it is important to be sure that the system specification that relates to the security is correct and can be developed in organization’s abilities and that the required security level for the requirements specification of the critical system is acceptable to the organization, and can be developed in terms of costs, technology and assets. For this purpose, we will build a method that will perform the analysis, support and confidence ensuring that these requirements are acceptable and whether it can be applied in the system or not. Our method will use fuzzy logic to capture knowledge from analysis experts as rules that would help take a certain decision with respect to asset values, available technology and threats of the organization. From this, our methodology will give the analyst a level of confidence and acceptance for the security Requirement specification that we deal with.

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