Identifying and explaining the affective factors in adopting of innovation in government agencies with the structural equation modeling

Khalid Al-Maswary A. Al-Maswary


In the present era, information technology is a new strategy which has affected all dimensions of organizations.  So that, it seems impossible to imagine an organization without information technology (IT) and keeping pace with new technologies. The aim of this study is to identify the affective factors in adopting of IT innovation in governmental organizations.  In order to get this aim after investigating, the theoretical foundations of affecting factors on the acceptance of IT innovation have been identified and five factors have been classified using exploratory factor analysis. Also using the confirmatory factor analysis based on modeling, structural equation relation of factors and indicators were discussed. Results show that criteria such as relative advantage and innovation capability, safety and reliability, organizational culture, management support, economic status and social cooperation and coordination among organizations, play an important role in the adoption of innovation.

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