The effect of the User Interface on retaining the new users from moving away to the similar service (Personal Cloud Storages – User experience (UX))

Arwa Y. Al-Eryani, Nejood Al-walidi, Samah Alariki


In Information Technology, the User Interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a person may interact. The user interface has been developed during many years from a very simple user interface to intelligent user interface. Information Technology played an effective role in these developments. The environment of the systems has expanded greatly, and the Internet has become a suitable environment for them. The means of social communication and electronic commerce, along with electronic marketing, e-payment, and others, which included users who cannot be interviewed and not limited to specific categories because they are in different geographical locations and have different experiences, cultures, possibilities and ages. This is a challenge for the user interface’s designer to design interfaces that accommodate this vast diversity of users. In this paper, we are going to spot the light on the importance of the user interface in keeping new users continuity with the cloud services. Our experiments have been applied to a number of the new users of the personal cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox). The result showed that ease and the feedback are the most important principles to keep the users interested in the service.  

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