Development Challenges of the Internet of Things in Yemen

mansour marhoob, Abdualmajed Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Khulaidi


The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to offer a revolutionary, fully
connected “smart” world. Yet the challenges associated with IoT need
to be considered and addressed for the benefit of individuals, society,
and the economy to be realized.
This paper presents development challenges of the IoT in Yemen such
as availability of internet at everywhere and at reasonable cost, shortage
of IPv4 addresses and transition to IPv6, power supply for sensors,
acceptability among the society, and finally security and privacy protection.
Solutions to these challenges were devised.
The data for this study was collected through an online questionnaire
that was focusing on the Yemeni specialists in the field of computer
and information technology to determine their degree of agreement on
challenges and solutions. The results showed that the degree of agreement
was high. Based on our results the challenges and solutions were
arranged according to the respondents’ point of view.

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